Dr. Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon

Innovative Learning Concepts (ILC) empowers students, parents, educators, and school systems by cultivating exciting, meaningful learning environments that place children on professional and entrepreneurial career tracks. ILC’s strategically developed tutoring services, enrichment programs, and professional services allow young people in disadvantaged communities to experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in innovative ways.

Students also make self-discoveries that inspire them to continue their explorations with goals in mind for the future. We are pleased to introduce you to Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon.

Known as “The STEM Lady”

Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon, Ph.D., launched Innovative Learning Concepts with a belief that the educational processes used to teach math and science must be exploited to advance the intellectual, emotional, cultural, social, and spiritual development of all learners. Targeting specific needs of students by developing strategic goals and plans, she creates learning experiences that embrace mathematics and physical sciences.

Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

By removing educational disadvantages, her goal is to foster bright futures by exposing young people to opportunities that allow them to become tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs.  Our ongoing objective is to prepare them to return to the same neighborhoods as employers who inspire and hire the next generation.

An experienced educator of students from kindergarten through college and mentor to working professionals, she has been promoting access to STEM disciplines for all students since 1992.  Her expertise further entails educating teachers. Her research interests include science education in urban schools, professional development, cultural applied anthropology, and cultural competency through science education professional development. Dr. Blackmon advocates the whole child approach to developing students into self-sufficient, motivated, lifelong learners. She formerly served as Program Director at the National Science Foundation and as a faculty member in the Education Department at Spelman College.

Prior to entering the field of education, Dr. Blackmon worked as a research chemist with the U.S. Geological Survey, Dow Chemical Company and 3M Corporation.

When they review her professional background, most people do not realize that Dr. Blackmon loves to laugh and tell jokes. She has three children, Taylor, Nate, and Morgan, all of whom participate in competitive athletics, including cheerleading. Dr. Blackmon, when younger, tried numerous times to become a high school cheerleader—to no avail. So she decided to become a Professional Cheerleader of Life and Success.

Educational Background
Southern University, B.S., Chemistry – 1991
Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Analytical Chemistry – 1995
Emory University, Ph.D., Science Education – 2003
Georgia State University, Department of Anthropology and Geography, Postdoctoral Fellowship – 2005


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