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Social Innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education

Innovative Learning Concepts (ILC) partners with world class institutions to change the common narrative of youth deficit to one of assets and abundance, and to catalyze the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

ILC has the pleasure of working with these changemakers: ASPIRE at Spelman College; Co-Robots for CompuGirls at Marquette University; iNoVATE-x at Florida State College Jacksonville; and Comprehensive Approach to Retention and Persistence at University of Virgin Islands, among others.


Our Services

We provide research and evaluation consulting, data storytelling technology, logic model development, and STEM educational products and programs to support your vision.

Using proven methods of appreciative inquiry, human centered data collection and analysis, program intelligence, and change management, we foster inclusive cultures and diverse achievement.

Together, we create social innovation in STEM — for your students’ success, organization’s resilience and education’s evolution.

Success Stories

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Our Expertise

“In my position in the grants office, I have worked with Dr. Blackmon for almost eight years. Dr. Blackmon’s enthusiasm, evaluation expertise and support have helped our institution obtain millions of dollars in grant funding. Dr. Blackmon has been an External Evaluator for several of our projects and has also assisted as a consultant in the design and writing of many of our grant proposals. Dr. Blackmon’s work is of the highest caliber and she has a strong work ethic.”



Innovations in STEM Education & Evaluation

Human-Centered Data Collection; Engaging All Types of Learners in Inquiry

Moving beyond sit and click survey responses Can you imagine learning ballet through listening to a lecture on pliés and pirouettes? Learning ballet requires learning to move, moving, and positioning the torso, legs, arms, and feet at certain angles. An exceptionally talented ballerina like Misty Copeland learned to position her leg at a 180 degree […]

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Beyond Graphs to What Truly Matters: Resilience, Sense of Belonging, and STEM Success

On January 15, 2015, I had the opportunity to participate as a panelist at the Front and Center: Bringing Marginalized Girls into Focus in STEM and Career and Technical Education (CTE). The event was sponsored by the White House and Georgetown Center for Poverty and Inequality, Georgetown Law Center. See more at Front and Center: Girls of […]

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Co-Robotics and Misty Copeland: Middle school girls program humanoid robots towards social justice.

LEARN MORE. WATCH the CR4CG VIDEO This summer in June (2015), middle school girls in the CompuGirls program were immersed in a culturally responsive co-robotics curriculum designed to teach how humanoid robots can be programmed and used as a credible social justice instrument. The culturally responsive Co-Robotics for CompuGirls (CR4CG) program and curriculum were designed to […]

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