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At Innovative Learning Concepts, our goal is to provide an opportunity for all students to be successful academically. We provide tutorial support, educational research and evaluation services, supplemental educational program development and management services, and entrepreneurial development services. Other companies depend solely on tutoring services to be profitable, but the majority of ILC’s revenue comes from educational services we provide to colleges and universities. Becoming successful in other areas has allowed us to implement tutoring services at a lowered rate without sacrificing the quality your child deserves–in fact, because we do so much for colleges and universities, we can help make sure your child, while in K12, is college ready. Learn More

MAGIK12 Sessions

MAGIK12TM are math activities for 6th grade girls and older. We use our knowledge of the importance of creating socially and emotionally safe spaces to create the ambiance for mathematics concept development and social acceptance. Also, we use technology and project based activities to reinforce mathematics concepts. In the first session, each girl will be re-introduced to electrical circuits then she will use electrical paint to create a LED flashing greeting card for her friend after she has learned to use simple Algebra to calculate power, current, and resistance, in parallel and series circuits.

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Dr. Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon

Dr. Blackmon is especially passionate about educational advancement and entrepreneurship for youth and believes that parents should not be reduced to spending thousands of dollars, whether they have it or not, in order for their child to flourish academically or economically. Dr. Blackmon is dedicated to helping students recognize their full potential and inspiring them to pursue a college education and future careers as STEM or educational entrepreneurs.

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